Lost and Found Pets

 For stray pets that you would like to care for while searching for an owner, please complete the PAWS Found Pet Form below & follow instructions, or call or email the shelter directly.

The shelter can receive approximately 20 to 60 animals a day, so we strongly encourage you to visit the shelter if your pet is missing, in addition to checking the stray animals page of our website, as often as possible. You should also look in your local newspaper, animal control facilities in nearby counties, and your groomer or veterinarian's office. If you would like to speak to someone about a missing or found pet, please contact the shelter.

You can also use Phshelter.com (formerly Petharbor.com) to view postings of found or lost pets reported.

PAWS strongly encourages those who have found a pet, to report it to PAWS ASAP, so we may assist in reuniting pets with their owner. You can fill out the PAWS found pet form below and email to: paws@rutherfordcountytn.gov or fax to: 615-898-7994, and please include a photo. Reports stay on file for 30 days.

PAWS Found Pet Report Form

Other Helpful Websites & Instructions